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Maverick author day

Last Thursday we had a rather lovely time at the Maverick studio. We invited some of our authors to the studio to have an ideas session on how to best run events and increase the visibility of our books. Usually we only get to see our authors once a year (and even then it’s only one-to-one) so it was lovely to see not just one, but six of our authors on the same day!

Our authors are all part of the Maverick family, so we like to involve them in some of our plans and decisions and also help them with their own goals. Book events are very important to us and some of our authors are very skilled at putting on a top event, so we invited them to share that experience.

We discussed how events differ depending on location, so a school event will be very different from a bookshop event. We discussed how picture books do not only need to shared with young children but can also be used for an effective session with 11 year olds. And we spent a very fun half an hour coming up with different games and craft activities which can be associated with each book. We have some very imaginative authors indeed!

For a couple of the authors, the most exciting part of the day would have been receiving a copy of their book. Karen Owen received her first copy of her new book As Quiet as a Mouse which will be out next September, while Heather Pindar received a mock up version of the first ever picture book Strictly No Crocs which will be released next January.


Finally we talked about a very exciting new Maverick initiative which  for now will stay under wraps, but you can expect an announcement very soon…

Maverick author day

Thanks to all of our authors who came to see us last week, we hope you had a great time!