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Make laundry fun! A Box of Socks reviewed by Honey Bee Books

Our Maverick reviewer from down under (Melissa for Honey Bee Books) has reviewed Amanda Brandon‘s second book in the Granny Mutton Yarns series – A Box of Socks. Not only has she given it a smashing review, but she has also devised a way of letting her children join in the fun of the sock game while also getting them to WANT to help with the laundry.

Genius, right?


Here’s what she had to say:

A Box of Socks is sock-tactic story. A fabulous wooly adventure that is fun to read aloud and perfect for our winter weather right now [and Britain’s summer weather, too]. There is nothing better than a cosy pair of warm socks, is there? The illustrations by Catalina Echeverri are colourful and full of fun little details. My kids loved seeing all the animals antics after they received the wrong socks.  A picture book that inspires my kids to help out with the laundry is pretty fabulous in my opinion.”

A Box of Socks SP1 HR RGB JPEG

And of course after reading such a marvellous tale of sock swapping adventures, Melissa’s children were desperate to to join in the fun and who was she to deny them?

“We came up with our own sock matching game based on Go Fish! which we unimaginatively called Go Sock! All you need to play Go Sock! is a crazy large pile of unmatched socks and two baskets or boxes.”
Go Sock


Read the full review and find out how to play Go Sock! here!

Buy A Box of Socks here.