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Lovely reviews for our new books from This Day I Love

Leyla at This Day I love has written some lovely reviews for our latest books including our board books which have become the first books her third child, known only as ‘thing 3’ just now, will own when they are born.

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Hedgehugs and Horace and Hattiepillar board books.

“The girls already love the Hedgehugs stories and these two new board books are based on the Hedgehugs stories.  The stories have been shortened and the illustrations changed slightly but this makes it perfect for younger readers and for Thing 3.”


Aerodynamics of Biscuits 

“There are several things my girls love, one of them is biscuits and the other is pirates.  This book combined both of these elements and therefore had the girls attention straight away.  The illustrations are beautiful and help to bring the story to life.”


As Quiet as a Mouse 

“With a new baby on the way the girls enjoyed as quiet as a mouse.  They are practicing hard to pass the quiet as a mouse test, just like Edgar.  Although they do sound a lot more like a herd of elephants at the moment.  They said they will keep practicing.”  


Not Without my Whale

“The girls listened intently to the story.  My youngest in particular who has a love for animals had a confused look on her face.  My eldest however was asking questions about how a whale could fit in a classroom at school.  The book is clever at finding a solution to a problem and clearly had the girls attention, and had them thinking.  They both however found the ending really funny, and I won’t spoil it for you!”

Thank you for the lovely reviews! We’re glad to hear that children are attempting the ‘Quiet as a Mouse’ test in preparation for new siblings!

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Aerodynamics of Biscuits 

As Quiet as a Mouse 

Not Without my Whale 


Horace and Hattiepillar