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‘Lovely, fun read’ Father Reading Every Day frog-tastic review of Froggy Day!

Father Reading Every Day and young T had a hopping good time reading new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos this week:

This is a book with a lot to like. It’s such a simple, clever idea using a play on a word to maximum effect. The story hops quickly from once frog-filled scene of chaos to another, packing in plenty of laughs along the way. The illustrations are worth pouring over – each scene features frogs up to all sorts and there is a great contrast between the exasperation of the adults drawn vs the joy on the faces of the frogs and children!

A lovely, fun read that is all about the humour and has no cheesy moral at the end. The promise of a bunny day had us excited for a sequel before we’d even closed this book! Perfect for children 3 and up who will recognise many of the scenes and be able to have a good go at imagining the chaos! T told me, “all them frogs is really silly and funny and they went in people’s hair and the brew!” He enjoyed reading back through by himself, remembering lots of what the frogs got up to…

Hop down to your local bookseller (or online) and pick up a copy’

Thank you!

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