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‘Lots of fun’ Red Reading Hub enjoys Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo!

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Jill at Red Reading Hub recently enjoyed our Summer Reading Challenge 2018 junior fiction title Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo by Alice Hemming with illustrations by Kathryn Durst:

Is the outing a success and do they arrive back at school with all seventeen children plus teacher safe and sound? And, are they allowed to go to that eagerly anticipated end-of-year party? You’ll have to get hold of a copy of this action packed story and find out.

With its twisting-turning plot, it’s certainly lots of fun. Packed with zany illustrations by Kathyrn Durst and promises of further adventures to come, let me just say, there’s a whole lot more to class 4X than previous teachers had thought: Mrs Ogg manages to unearth a whole lot of hidden talents therein.’

With such great reviews the book is flying off the shelves!

Read the full review here and buy your copy here