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Lost in London Reviewed by the Library Mice

Thank you to the Library Mice for the fantastic review of Lost in London – it was a lovely thing to read on a Monday morning.

Here is slightly shortened version of the review  (you can read the who review here):

Lost in London is a really sweet book which I think will be really enjoyed by its targeted audience. The text flows well with some lovely rhyming sequences. The artwork is vibrant and offers a detailed yet child-friendly portrayal of central London.

…this is a gentle, well-pitched introduction for a younger audience. Little readers are encouraged to help find the ravens by trying to work out what the riddles mean as well as look for clues by looking more closely at the illustration. This will create not only interaction with the story but also with the adult readers, as they collaborative try to work it out.

…I think Lost in London will also be a fantastic book if you are planning to take young children to London for the first time….In fact, there is a double spread full of London facts at the end of the book, which I thought was really well done.

Lost in London is a fun, entertaining read, and well worth having a look as an introduction both to London and to the detective genre.”

To buy this fantastic book, click here.