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Lost In London – Reviewed by ‘Book Reviews for Mums’

“Dog Detectives – Lost in London is such a fab book, it is the story of some ravens playing hide and seek and going missing! Everyone is worried for London for if the ravens go missing the kingdom could crumble according to legend. Good job the dog detectives get on the case.  This is a delightful story of two dogs searching for the missing ravens. Their search takes them all over London and they describe all the most significant landmarks as they go. It’s a great way for kids who have visited to relive what they have seen or just to share this glorious city with a child.

The pictures are wonderful: full of humor, London features, funny dogs and foxes. The riddles and little poems delight and this really is a lovely little book.  A great souvenir form a trip to London or prior to going.”  – Becky Goddard-Hill