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‘Kid tested, teacher approved 5 stars!’ Book Addict samples some of our Early Readers publishing this month!

Book Addict has posted some lovely reviews, including from pupil readers, for four of the ten Early Readers we are publishing this month:

A lovely story with eye-catching illustrations, The Freezosaurus will appeal to dinosaur lovers everywhere.

Mahdi, age 8 says: When I read the first sentences, it started to hook me in.  I wanted to know what was going to happen to Freddie and Frozo.  I loved it so much I read it twice! I also really liked the cover and the title.’

‘Stunning illustrations and colourful vocabulary bring the Wild West to life in Cara the Cowgirl. 

Anjum, age 8 says: I liked this book because Cara is brave and faces Black Jake the robber.  She can cook and even knit a scarf while riding her horse too!  It’s funny too when Cara catches Black Jake with her lasso.’

‘This amazing tale is very modern and up-to-date in its story of Stella who is different from everyone else but not for the obvious reason of being in a wheelchair.  She is actually a superhero who has the ability to fly! 

8 year-old Roxie had this to say about Shooting Star: There was a girl named Stella who couldn’t walk but she could fly! She was a superhero! I really liked this book because Stella was just a normal girl, then she turned in to Shooting Star.  She saved the day and everyone was happy. I think everyone should read this book because it was just so good!’

‘This is a fantastic tale of friendship, determination and resilience.

Mahdi, age 8 had this to say about Rickety Rocket: Stacey had bullies who always picked on her and made fun of her old rocket. She felt bad but in the end she proves that bullies never win.  I really liked this book and wish I had a rocket like Stacey’s.

Kid tested, teacher approved 5 stars!’  See all 70 of the Early Readers and download free activity packs and audio files on our new website here