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Karen Owen joins Maverick Storyteller Lorna for Story Carousel session


Karen Owen partnered up with Maverick storyteller, Lorna Gill, for a special Story Carousel session in Brighton and Hove yesterday.

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Lorna runs her story sessions twice weekly in different locations in Brighton and Hove. She reads picture books and then bases the rest of her session around the story which comprises of craft activities, sensory play, games and another story to calm everyone down! Lorna also sells Maverick books at her session as part of our new Storytelling Scheme.

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Yesterday, Karen joined Lorna at one of her sessions in Hove and took part in all the fun and wackiness that a story carousel session has to offer! She read her story As Quiet as a Mouse to the children which included making lots of noise with a noisy drum. She then joined in with the craft activity which was making an Edgar elephant and really tapped into her inner child (as she does most days!)

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Check out the Maverick Storytelling scheme and find out how you can get involved.

Find out more about Lorna’s Story Carousel sessions here.

Buy As Quiet as a Mouse here.