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‘Just perfect for newly confident readers’ Early Readers get a big thumbs up from An Awfully Big Blog Adventure!

Chitra Soundar just posted a great review on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure for two new Early Readers by Clare Helen Welsh:

The stories are well structured with the necessary repetition to enable word recognition, learning by sight as much as sounding out unfamiliar words with phonics. The stories are engaging and fun. These will definitely appeal to young children who are reading on their own.

At this age children lose interest fast and want to be doing different things. The full-colour illustrations, the settings and the premise of these stories are very age-appropriate and appealing. Whether it’s a wizard casting a spell or a boy fishing in the docks, the story ends with a surprise that would delight readers.

As an aunt, I’ve observed my 6 year-old nephew flipping through easy readers and settling down to read because the words per page seem conquerable and the pictures in context help him guess the words too.

These are two great books by Clare Helen Welsh just perfect for newly confident readers.’

Thank you! Read the full review here and buy copies here