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“Irresistible little books to inspire and entertain new readers.”

Pam, who writes for the Lancashire Evening Post, has written a great review for the our latest Early Reader, which “has proved so popular with teachers, librarians and – most important of all – young readers.”

Feb Early Reader collage

A Gold Star for George by Alice Hemming 

“Alice Hemming, who is passionate about picture books, provides the ‘aah’ factor in this appealing and heart-warming story while illustrator Kimberley Scott turns the menagerie of animals into quirky, lovable little characters.”

ER Spread2 JPEG LR

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers by Alex English 

“Alex English serves up a real treasure trove of treats in this fun-packed story which follows Brad on his voyage of discovery through the high seas, and Duncan Beedie’s lively, detailed illustrations, including the motley crew of dastardly pirates, are a delight.”

Pirates ER Spread JPEG LRThe Four Little Pigs by Kimara Nye 

“This charming, addictive adventure, full of quirky characters and lively illustrations, conveys subtle messages about standing up to bullies, having faith in your own abilities and learning that a problem shared is a problem halved.”


I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn by Rachel Lyon  

“Andrea Ringli provides the colourful, characterful illustrations for a story that resonates with warmth, wisdom and camaraderie.”

Unicorn ER Spread2 JPEG LRGrumpy King Colin by Phil Allcock 

This funny, cautionary tale from author Phil Allcock will be a favourite with every mischievous child, and the unique illustrative style of Steve Stone, who excels in bold pictures full of expression and humour, has a special appeal for young children..

A wonderfully anarchic story that makes learning fun.”

King Colin ER Spread2 JPEG LR

Thank you for your brilliant review, Pam! Read the full review here.

You can get your own copies of Early Reader books below:

A Gold Star for George

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

The Four Little Pigs

I Wish I’d Been Born A Unicorn

Grumpy King Colin