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Ickle Pickle reviews Maverick’s books!

Ickle Pickle’s Life, a blog written from the point of view of two year old Pickle, has reviewed our latest books! Pickle read Hedgehugs, Yuck! said the Yak, A Scarf and a Half, and I Wish I’d been born a Unicorn.

Hedgehugs was by far Pickle’s favourite book and he even offered a generous give away, meaning one lucky person won a copy of the adorable Hedgehugs! I wish I’d been born a Unicorn was also a favourite, but unfortunately Pickle didn’t think much of poor Yak. His mum seemed to like him though, so perhaps Pickle will grow to love Yak in time!



“The books are so bright and cheerful with fab pictures. They are perfect for a bedtime story with mummy.”

You can read the full review here.

Pickle and his mum made their first Vlog reviewing Maverick’s books which you can watch on Youtube.