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I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn featured in Teach Nursery’s Book Club!

Rachel Lyon’s second book I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn is proving to be very popular! Teach Nursery has featured it in their Book Shelf section this month!

“Lyon’s bouncy verses are a pleasure to read aloud, and beautifully complemented by Andrea Ringli’s bold, affectionate illustrations.”

Teach Nursey praised I Wish I’d been born a Unicorn for it’s endearing and relatable tale about wanting to make new friends and discovering what true friendship is all about.

We are thrilled that Mucky is making so many friend’s in the literary  world by being his charming, if hygienically challenged, self! Get your copy on Amazon and fall in love with Mucky!

Click on Mucky below to read the full review.