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‘I really enjoy the originality of this series, it’s fun and frenetic.’ – Review by Book Lover Jo about Teachers on Pluto

Thank you to Book Lover Jo for reviewing our book Teachers on Pluto by Lou Treleaven, author of the Penpals on Pluto series.

‘Lou Treleaven is back with the third book in this out of the world series. Jon thought that living seven and half billion kilometres from Earth would save him from the clutches of his teacher, Mrs Hall. That is until the President of Pluto goes on his honeymoon and puts Mrs Hall in charge of the planet. It soon becomes clear that she is clearly incapable of this job – in Jon’s opinion- creating new ridiculous laws that are more like school rules. Obsessed with upholding these laws, it’s left to Jon and Straxi to take matters into their own hands when they discover a giant, mutant snargler on the loose! I really enjoy the originality of this series, it’s fun and frenetic. The use of letters, posters and robot reports to tell the story is really engaging and different, it’s proved to be a popular series at school.’

You can read the full review and many more here.

Thank you for your kind review Book Lover Jo.

You can read all three of the books in our Penpals to Pluto series: Letter to Pluto, Homework on Pluto and Teachers on Pluto by placing an order on Hive.