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‘I liked it because it was silly and messy.’ Review by T from Father Reading of Shampooch

Thank you to T and his dad at Father Reading for the lovely review and video of Shampooch by Heather Pindar and Susan Batori.

‘This is a funny, beautiful book that we both really enjoyed. The story bobs along briskly and is accompanied by some gorgeous, pink and pretty illustrations which capture Shampooch brilliantly (I also enjoyed the Tom and Jerry style legs-only view of humans). There is also a nice message about not judging based on looks and also being willing to try new adventures – something T is always willing to do.

A lovely book to read with children 3 and up with obvious mega-appeal for dog lovers everywhere (it was the dogs on the front cover that pulled T in). A gentle, humorous story that children will enjoy reading again and again. T enjoyed it and told me, “I liked it because it was silly and messy.” That statement seemed to be all he wanted to give though as you can see in tonight’s solo read…’

See their full review and video.

Heather Pindar has also written other titles for Maverick, including Froggy Day, Beware the Mighty Bitey and Wishker.  All these titles and many more can be purchased here.