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Horse and Countryside review I Wish I’d been Born a Unicorn

I wish I’d been born a Unicorn by Rachel Lyon is proving to be very popular with the UK’s horse lovers! Last month it was featured in Horse Magazine and now it has been reviewed and featured by Horse and Countryside.

‘Written in rhyme by Rachel Lyon, this heartwarming story is beautifully illustrated by Andrea Ringli, and would make a lovely Christmas stocking filler for any child who loves ponies.’

Horse and Countryside had their experienced and renowned reviewer, 6 year old Grace Welsby share her thoughts on the book. Grace is very familiar with horses – she rides regularly on her pony Wally – so we can trust her expert opinion!

Here’s a snippet from her interview:

What is your favourite bit of the story?

‘I like the bit where the owl paints him because he looks nice when he is white and I like unicorns.’

Would you recommend it to a friend?

‘Yes, I thought it was a really good story.’

You can read Grace’s full interview and review here and you can order your own copy in time for Christmas here.