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Horace and Hattie nab a fab review!

Horace and Hattiepillar is the second book in the lovable Hedgehugs series by husband and wife team Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper.

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Handy Mummy has given the adorable book a fantastic review on her tumblr.

“Hedgehugs- Horace and Hattipillar is a lovely book about two best friends finding out about nature.

I loved the way that it went into some detail as to how caterpillars turn into butterflies whilst still sharing a lovely story of friendship. There is a lovely part at the end that shows that everyone can be beautiful too.

A really loved the characters and I have to agree with her. The Illustrations are beautiful and really bring the book to life.

You can also buy the original Hedgehugs story and a small selection of calendars with the characters. I personally can’t wait to go and get the original as I have already fallen in love with the delightful little characters.” 

You can read the full review here.

You can buy Horace and Hattiepillar here.