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Horace and Hattie have arrived safely in the States!

Hedgehugs was published yesterday in North America by Macmillan US imprint, Henry Holt. The company bought the rights to both the first and second books in the Hedgehugs series and we’re expecting to see Horace and Hattiepillar published at some point in 2016.

Hedgehugs american cover

Hedgehugs was published with a new cover and has been received well so far by some reviewers.

Katrina who writes on the blog Outnumbered said:

“The only thing cuter than a pair of hedgehogs is a pair of hedgehogs in socks […] For ages 4-8 this book is just too cute not to read! […] This is just the first book in the series and I can’t wait to read the next ones with my girls.” Read the full review here.

hedgehugs spread2

And Candice who writes on the blog The New Modern Momma wrote:

“What’s cuter than a pair of hedgehogs? A pair of hedgehogs in socks! […] My oldest actually stole it away for the weekend while she was in New Jersey visiting her cousins. I’m so glad she remembered to bring it back because the rest of us wanted to read it. […] Adorable illustrations and super clever story line make this a great read.” Read the full review here.

Hedgehugs spread1

The story also appeared in the Bookseller!

Hedgehugs is available now in the US and can be bought here.

Or if you’re in the UK, then get your copy here!