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‘Hilarious’ Book Murmuration laughs and shivers through Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of Dooooom!

Louise at Book Murmuration enjoyed the laughs and shivers offered by Colin Mulhern’s new junior fiction title Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of Dooooom which is publishing on the 28th of September:

This is hilarious. Think Scooby-Doo – comedy-horror and a young detective. Every time I saw the zombies I burst out laughing. Sunshine Buttercup (the lovely little girl who happens to be holding a chainsaw) and Granny Fondant are a brilliant duo. The ending will leave you wanting to know what happens next. This would be lovely for new readers and would be particularly good for older children with a lower reading level because it has a wide age appeal.’

Thanks, Louise! Glad you weren’t too scared!!

Read the full review here and pre-order a copy here