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Hedgehugs needs your vote!

People's book prizeWe were thrilled when Hedgehugs was announced as a finalist for The People’s Book Prize. Now we are thrilled that the Awards Ceremony this year will be broadcast live on Sky! It is going to be a very fancy affair indeed!

Horace and Hattie would love to celebrate a victory on live TV, but to do that they need your vote!

Register on the website to vote and leave a comment on the book. Voting will reopen in the weeks leading up to the ceremony on Wednesday 26th May, but register now and leave a comment to keep the Hedgehugs buzz going! We love all the support we get from the wonderful Hedgehugs fans out there.

This will be the 6th year of The People’s Book Prize. There has already been one Maverick winner, Giles Paley-Phillips won the 2011-2012 awards with his first picture book The Fearsome Beastie.

We hope Lucy and Steve will join him as Maverick winners this year.

The founder of The People’s Book Prize, Tatiana Wilson is thrilled that the awards will reach thousands more people this year. She said:

“We are heading for the big time. Our aim is to find, support and promote new and undiscovered authors and their publishers.  Our hope is to eradicate illiteracy. And who best to do this with but the public whom we have empowered to be the judge.”