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‘Great suspense and fun dialogue’ My Book Corner rave review for The Wondrous Dinosaurium!

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Leisa at My Book Corner just posted a fab review for The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon with illustrations by Steve Brown (along with a very funny story about a childhood cinema outing to see Jurassic Park!!):

‘The idea’s a simple one – Danny wants a pet. But not just any pet… a giant Jurassic one. Luckily Mr Ree’s the purveyor of prehistoric pets at the local Dinosaurium, wedged on the High Street between the light shop and the locksmith. Mr Ree soon sorts Danny out with a car squashingly big Diplodocus Longus, a drooly T-Rex, a flightly pterodon and the list goes on. None are quite right, but Danny and Mr Ree eventually get on the same page delivering a delightfully satisfying ending for little dino devotees.

John’s packed loads into a wonderfully short text – great suspense and fun dialogue. And Steve’s illustrations are fantastically good fun – with loads of humour for the kids.

Some dino obsessions never die. Happy reading!’

Thanks, Leisa!

See the full review here and buy a copy here