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Give away opportunity!

One of our Maverick reviewers is giving you the chance to win one of our May books in a give away! Jenna at Chic Geek Diary, is running not only one competition, but two! You can enter on her blog or on Facebook. Make sure you leave a comment saying which book you would like to win. It’s a tough choice, so give it a lot of thought!

Chic Geek Diary

She also wrote a lovely review for our May books:

“At first glance Hedgehugs really caught my attention but as they say you should never judge a book by it’s cover because all four titles are equally as fantastic as the other. Each book is very unique in story and are all very different when it comes to their illustrations too. Noah’s favourite is A Gold Star for George but that changes on a daily basis!”

Read the full review here.

If you can’t leave it up to chance then click on the links below to buy your very own copies now!

Horace and Hattiepillar

A Gold Star for George

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

A Box of Socks