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‘From cover to cover, literally, the book consumes you into a world of kitty frolics.’ What’s Good To Do enjoys the feisty felines of It’s MY Sausage by Alex Willmore

Laura from What’s Good To Do has reviewed Alex Willmore‘s feisty feline picture book, It’s MY Sausage:

It’s MY Sausage, written and illustrated by Alex Willmore is a very enjoyable read for children as it is very calm and concise both in wording and illustration, which is something I feel children’s books can often get carried away with and this can cause children to very rapidly loose interest and any adult to need regular pauses to pace themselves which can cause everyone to lose interest. The blurb reads “There are five cats but just one sausage! Which cat will get the yummy, scrummy sausage?” It is to the point and after reading the book is not misleading, you read what you are expecting to read.

Upon opening the book there is the standard “write your name here” however this is awesomely  presented as “This sausage book belongs to” which I found to be a wonderful touch and really keeping the feel of the book together from the very first page, something I feel is very important for engaging new readers, children who may find reading difficult or unenjoyable. 

The layout of the language is not only fun for children but adults too, some parts are underlined, and some are capitalised so whether you are reading aloud or reading silently you can really hear all these individual voices and tones. There is a lot of practice with onomatopoeia in this book too with words such as “Whoooosshh” and “Hmpf” which for new readers or struggling readers can really help them play with the sounds, becoming comfortable with moving their mouths and tongues and place sounds to situations.

I will be honest and say when I first flicked through the book I thought it was bland, however upon reading it I can really understand what the author was trying to achieve and I just wish there were many more books in this style available. From cover to cover, literally, the book consumes you into a world of kitty frolics.

Thank You!
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