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Five Star review from What’s Good To Do that will make you want to read the book ‘again and again!’

Thanks to What’s Good To Do for writing a fantastic review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald and Ariel Landy!

‘It rightly places them and the importance of their contribution right up there with the rest of the team, and does so in a way that I think empowers girls and women. The story is told in a humorous but very informative way, and one that both of the kids found very engaging. We all loved how on nearly every page, there was a little FACT box, containing lots of really interesting bits of trivia.

We thought the illustrations, by Ariel Landy, in the book were gorgeous and the really added to the story – they are as much a part of the story as the words, and I thought they helped the kids to appreciate just how much work and design go into creating things like this.

My eldest particularly likes snippets of information, so loved reading these and all of the facts throughout the book, and has been reciting them to be for the past few days!

This is a brilliant book, and one the bridges the gap between fiction and non-fiction really well. We all loved it and I have no doubt that it will be read again and again.’

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