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First review for Horace and Hattiepillar in Board Book form!

We love receiving reviews from the wonderful people at The Bookbag. They are a group of book enthusiasts who write honest and insightful reviews which we love to read.

Hattiepillar LR RGB BB Cover

They have now added a little review for our new little board book Horace and Hattiepillar, which builds on the review they wrote for the original picture book.

“We originally saw this book as a picture book but we’ve now seen it as a board book which would be ideal for babies and toddlers (laminated pages will wipe clean!) and also for the emerging reader as it’s a size that fits nicely into a small pair of hands. The font is perfect for someone who still has their reading stabilisers on!”

The original picture book received a stellar review of 4 and a half stars:

“It means that as well as being a nice story to read aloud, it’s a nice book to just look at too, so you can tone it down for sleepy nap times, if need be, and just look over the pretty flowers and rainbows and stars. A sweet story, that’s a little bit educational too!”

We’re really looking forward to receiving more lovely reviews for our board books and this is a brilliant start!

Read the full review here.

Buy your own copy here.