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‘Entertaining read with great illustrations and an imaginative twist.’ – Review by BizzieBaby about The New LiBEARian

We are really grateful for all of the reviews from BizzieBaby about The New LiBEARian by Alison Donald and Alex Willmore.

‘Fantastic entertaining read. Great artwork. Felt robust. Lots of detail in the pictures. Great for slightly older kids who can appreciate the detail. Entertaining read with great illustrations and an imaginative twist.’

‘Loved the cover looked very appealing. The quality of the book was great. We really loved the illustrations and enjoyed reading this story together. It is a stimulating story as characters from other well-known stories all rolled into this new format. A good read and certainly enjoyed.’

You can read the full review and many more here.

Alison Donald has written many titles for Maverick including AdoraBULL, Pirates in Classroom 3 and has a new title due for release in June 2019 called The Spacesuit. Alex Willmore illustrated The New LiBEARian, but is also an author of a title that is due out It’s MY Sausage in September 2019.