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Early Readers reviews

Mary, who writes for Over 40 and a Mum to One, has reviewed our latest early readers. Her son, Monkey is currently learning to read at school but will only read school books, home books are mum’s to read apparently! Hopefully our familiar early readers, adapted from our picture books, will encourage him to pick up some books at home and practice his reading.

Feb Early Reader collage

The Maverick Early Readers range has been extended and I’m hoping they might work some magic on Monkey […] Monkey loves his picture book version of Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers so I knew an Early Reader version would be a good step forward for him, even if I’m still doing the reading at the moment!

Pirates ER Spread2 JPEG LR

You can see the difference in sentence length and complexity of punctuation through the various bands.”

We hope that the early readers encourage Monkey to show off his reading skills at home!

Read the full review here.

Buy the new early readers by following the links below:

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

The Four Little Pigs 

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn 

Grumpy King Colin

A Gold Star for George