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Dog Detectives Gift Set Review!

Fantastic Review for the Dog Detectives Gift Set  from Our Book Reviews Online.

Reviewed by The Mole 

This is a gift set of 3 Dog Detective Books

The Dog Detectives are Detective Jack and Deputy Poco Loco and each story sees them in a different part of the world doing their bit to save the day. With each page being a full colour picture that is bright and cheerful and with plenty to talk about if it is being read to a child. The whole presentation of these books make then excellent early readers for children to read aloud or alone. Each story is written with rhyme, alliteration and prose. At the end of each book is a ‘facts’ section that tells something of the facts about each story, things about the place that are mentioned in the story, so they can be used to teach a little and act as a discussion catalyst as well. Really good, fun books that can be bought individually or as this gift set.

 The Maryom’s Comment:

Great, fun books for young readers. Brightly coloured with engaging stories

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