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Dino-mite interview with The Wondrous Dinosaurium author John Condon in Story Snug!

Catherine at Story Snug has just posted a lovely interview with John Condon author of The Wondrous Dinosaurium, our latest picture book publishing next week. Here is just a little snippet:

I wanted the story to entertain children but also inspire them to learn more about dinosaurs. I tried to ensure there was a mixture of both dinosaurs they would recognize and others they might be unfamiliar with. I also wanted to show them aspects of dinosaur evolution that they may not have been aware of. Steve was totally on board with this approach and really embraced it – the inclusion of a Utah Raptor (by Steve) is an example of this. We wanted children to notice the feathers and question them. We wanted them to go in search of answers to their questions and in doing so discover a world of dinosaur knowledge that exists beyond this simple story.’

A Diplodocus sized thank you to Catherine and John!

Read the full interview here and order a copy here