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‘Delightful picture book…Paves the way for open discussions’ The School Librarian reviews The Snugglewump!

We’ve just received a wonderful review for The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Kate Chappell  which appeared in The Winter 2017 issue of The School Librarian:

The Snugglewump is a delightful picture book about a lost and somewhat overlooked comfort blanket.  Chappell’s messy illustrations use crayon and bright paint, which gives the book a childlike feel that many young readers will warm easily to. Early on, the Snugglewump has his own asides alongside the main dialogue to demonstrate his sadness and negative self-image.  By personifying the rag, Treleaven paves the way for open discussions with children about their feelings and relationships, as well as of how to love and treat people (and toys!) well.’


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