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Daydreaming Author Brings Dinosaurs Back from Extinction: Dan Metcalf talks to Devon Live!

The local news website for Devon Devon Live has posted a great piece about Crediton based author Dan Metcalf and his new series Dino Wars with the first book Rise of the Raptors launching in April.

“This is a fast-moving, action-packed story will appeal to both boys and girls, in fact anyone who has a sense of adventure. Many a young adventurer would be put off and turn tail at the sight of a ravenous raptor pack, but not Adam and his team – they have the world to save! With lots of exciting challenges and problems to solve, raptors to fight and a seriously scary deadline to save life on earth, Dino Wars will be on the wish list of many a book hungry youngster, indeed this series might even find its way on to many a teenage and adult bookshelf.” Dan is quoted in the interview.

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