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“Cool stuff, don’t miss ’em in October!” Read it Daddy reviews Junior Fiction titles

Phil and Charlotte who write as an epic team for Read it Daddy have reviewed our brand new junior fiction titles! Here’s what they had to say:

“Bringing together some of the brilliantly talented authors and artists who have worked on Maverick’s winning Picture Book range, these are books designed for the 6 to 9 year age group, attractively formatted with awesome covers and illustrations […] Cool stuff, don’t miss ’em in October!”

Rickety Rocket COVER LR RGB

Rickety Rocket by Alice Hemming and illustrated by Emma Randall

“This neat little collection of stories (Rickety Rocket, Jetpack Jelly, and Picnic Planet) are great little space-based stories […] Space-obsessed girls and boys are going to love this fizzing, whizzing and exciting adventure. “Rickety Rocket” arrives with a sonic boom this October.”

Pre-order Rickety Rocket here.

GB Great Snake Escape COVER LR RGB JPEG

Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape by Izy Penguin 

“An old blog favourite who we’re DELIGHTED to see again! [Grandma Bendy] is an exciting early reader book that’s full of characterful illustrations.”

Pre-order Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape here.

Letter to Pluto COVER LR RGB

Letter to Pluto by Lou Treleaven 

“The story is a delightful observation on childhood with an air of fantasy mixed in for a really nicely original and engaging story. Who knows, it might even inspire you to begin a classroom activity or home activity writing to a pen-pal yourself.”

Pre-order Letter to Pluto here.