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‘Children will laugh out loud’ The Letterpress Project reviews Clumpety Bump!

Karen at The Letterpress Project enjoyed the gentle humour, colourful illustrations and linguistic rhythm of Clumpety Bump by Phil Allcock and illustrated by Richard Watson:

Children will laugh out loud at this funny interactive picture book that provides plenty of opportunities for joining in with repetition of phrases like the horse’s weary refrain ‘I can’t be bothered’ and ‘Oh No!’ each time disaster strikes. ‘Slippity slop, don’t stop’ and ‘dribbly, wibbly water’ are just two examples of the plentiful and memorable onomatopoeia for readers to relish.  The illustrations are bold and colourful throughout showing the two of them crashing across the countryside with the stream running across from left to right on several pages providing yet more rhythm and repetition. The overall message of the story seems to be to gently encourage and give rewards rather than take an animal for granted – in this case plenty of the ‘ crunchiest, munchiest’ apples.’   

Thank you, Karen!

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