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“Beginner readers need quality books to read.” Early readers review

Melissa, who writes at Honey Bee Books, has tried and tested our early readers and has written us a lovely review!

Feb Early Reader collage

We completely agree with her that children need high quality early readers to encourage and enhance their reading skills. We take high quality, engaging stories and work to carefully edit them to be the best possible tools to help children learn to read. Here’s what Melissa had to say:

“I am a strong believer that beginner readers need quality books to read. Not only should the books be aimed at their reading level to practise their reading skills and build confidence but they story needs to be engaging as well. I want my children to enjoy reading, not see it as just another part of their homework. I think Maverick have managed to combine these qualities in their Early Reader series. The early readers have been adapted from their picture book range, so they are high quality stories that are fun and engaging. They have also been carefully edited with the help of an educational specialist to ensure the books are suitable for young children learning to read.”

Read the full review here.

Buy the early readers here:

The Four Little Pigs 

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers 

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn 

A Gold Star for George 

Grumpy King Colin