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Beastie Book Reviews

Well here at Maverick we can barely keep up with all the fantastic reviews coming in for Giles Paley-Phillips’ The Fearsome Beastie!

So here are a select few from the last few days…





 Dayton Book Examiner “When I first saw the cover…it brought to mind my childhood memories of telling creepy stories around the campfire. When I was a child I was constantly on the lookout for books that could give me goosebumps, even before I was able to read them myself. For children like me, this book would have made the perfect bedtime story.

…The illustrations in this book are beautifully done. They are colourful and cheery, but with a spooky edge to suit the story itself.

If you know a child who likes monsters and spooky stories told with humour and wit, “The Fearsome Beastie” would make a great gift.”  Read more


Satin’s Bookish Corner - “Ok I don’t normally do children’s books but when I got asked to take a look at this one I was shocked at how much I liked it. It was a lot darker than most children’s books but I think that’s good, it’s moving with the times, I know this is a good thing because I have two children one aged 6 and one aged 11 and both children loved it…It was really well written. I’d buy any of his other books for my children…So what are you waiting for, go buy it.”  Read more



JoSquare Book Reviews – … THE FEARSOME BEASTIE by Giles Paley-Phillips imparts the lesson that things are not always what they appear to be…Children are stalked by a monstrous creature resembling a cat’s fur-ball dipped in SCRIP ink. Of course, this takes place at night…

…The book is written as a collection of rhyming quatrains. I find that this format makes the story roll from the eyes to the mind as encapsulated ingredients that are smoother than prose…The story itself is not era-bound as many fairy tales are. But, the illustrations suggest a pre-industrial society–every house heated by a fireplace. The artwork (Gabriele Antonini) is deftly executed…

THE FEARSOME BEASTIE does it’s thematic job beautifully!


Authors Reviewing Authors -  “The Fearsome Beastie…is an absolutely awesome and amazing work!…In Phillips, we have the Grimm brothers and Dr. Seuss all rolled up into one fantastic writer!

…the wonderful quatrains keep children attentive and wide-eyed, but not really afraid…Phillips language is always age appropriate…Personally, I think teaching children to be wary of friendly talking strangers is a good thing in today’s world.

…This artwork does a wonderful job of working with the rhyme to create that fun kind of scary that children love so much.”   Read more – Written by Vickie Adair


Stories for Children Magazine – “This is a great fantasy-type story for kids with a happy ending. Perhaps the lesson that the author wants to leave with the readers is to follow their intuition and not allow others to trick them into believing something that isn’t the case. The girls and boys knew that the beastie was dangerous. If they had only followed their intuition, they would have averted real danger. This book should be read with parent supervision as there are scary sections.”  Read more.


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