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Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches is a holiday gift giving pick!

Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches by Julie Fulton with illustrations by Rachel Suzanne has been chosen as a top holiday gift book by blogger and author Marcia Strykowski:

‘This fun book is a great choice for story time. The lyrical repetition throughout will have kids squealing in anticipation of the title line, which is the bear’s response each time Jack politely and patiently offers egg sandwiches. The big ol’ gruff bear is certainly hungry, but what DOES he eat? I have to admit I kept worrying about Jack’s safety as the bear received his large eating supplies. The suspense builds throughout, but all turns out well after Jack’s clever solution, followed by a cute punchline. Bright and cheerful illustrations are a great match for this fun story.’

Thanks, Marcia!  The book will be available in March in the US is a beautiful hardback jacketed edition priced at $17.99 distributed by Lerner Books.

You can buy the paperback edition here and see all of Marcia’s picks and reviews here