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‘Another very funny entry into the Pod series’ Father Reading Every Day reviews I, Pod!

Father Reading Every Day and T shared their views after their recent reading of the third book in Rebecca Lisle‘s Pod series with brilliant illustrations by Richard Watson, I, Pod:

This is another very funny entry into the Pod series. T was laughing almost immediately at all the attempts from Nim to say Pods name (he told me “Poo” was the funniest) and he giggled throughout. The chase scene at the heart of the book is a great mix of silly and exciting, with lots of onomatopoeia and baby babble thrown in for good measure. The illustrations are bright and big with some very scary ‘bad guys.’ 

This is a funny story to enjoy with children 3 and up and worthy of a place in your classroom if you are doing a Stone Age topic. T laughed throughout and told me, “the baby is very funny and I like the big monsters.” He spent a while exploring what the sabre-tooth tiger and eagle got up to before bed!’

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the review!

You can see the whole review here and buy a copy here