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Another review in the bag (the book bag) for Preposterous Rhinoceros!

Preposterous Rhinoceros RGB LR JPEGPreposterous Rhinoceros, the first book written by Tracy Gunaratnam, as received yet another stellar review from The Book Bag.

Reviewer Sam Tyler has given Preposterous Rhinoceros his endorsement and called it the ‘perfect book for sharing.’

‘With a sweet central character who acts before he thinks, ‘Preposterous Rhinoceros’ is a perfect book for sharing. The story is well told and funny; full of nice ideas about the misinterpretation of words. Throw in some wonderful illustrations and this book will lead to some fun reading sessions.’

Preposterous Rhinoceros is all about learning to read for the first time and discovering the magic of words. It’s perfect for parents to share with their children before they embark on learning to read themselves, or for teachers to introduce reading lessons with their classes.

Buy your own copy of Preposterous Rhinoceros at your local bookshop or buy it online here.