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“Another lesson worth teaching.” Great review for As Quiet as a Mouse from the Bookbag

The Bookbag have given As Quiet as a Mouse by Karen Owen and Evgenia Golubeva an excellent review and 4 and a half stars!


“The best type of educational children’s book wraps up a lesson in a way that a child will not know they are being taught. Any parent who has a small child and another on the way is aware that the older child may be a little jealous when the baby arrives. Teaching a toddler to be careful around a baby is not easy and Karen Owen’s As Quiet as a Mouse may just help as it weaves looking after your baby sister/brother into a fun story.

As Quiet As A Mouse SP1 LR RGB JPEG

Enrolling Edgar into a Mouse School is a fun idea that appeals to a child’s sense of the absurd. Watching him work alongside Ruby to try and carefully step over obstacles without a sound is great fun. Illustrator Evgenia Golubeva does a great job of showing off Owen’s story, especially in the double spread pages that see Edgar undertaking numerous challenging tasks. The book is also very sweet natured as the happy ending means that all the perseverance that Edgar put into learning pays off – yet another lesson worth teaching.”

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