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And more reviews!

The Fearsome Beastie is prooving a very popular book to review.  Read some more fantastic reviews below… 

Kim the Book Worm: 

Ollie was quite quiet when we read it, but when we got to the end, he yelled AGAIN, AGAIN at the top of his voice, which told me everything I needed to know really.  When we reached the end of the second reading, he wanted to read it AGAIN!  I asked him what he liked about the book and he said he loved the pictures and when we read it a third time he had also laughed and remembered the rhymes and joined in with some of the words.  He said he thought it was very funny!   Not a bad recommendation really from a three and a half year old!  Read more

The Book Worm Reads:

The story is superbly illustrated by Gabriel Antonini, in a style that reminded me of another famous beastie, ‘the Gruffalo’. The beastie is scary, but not so scary that children would be too frightened to look at the book. The expressions of fear on the children’s faces is well-captured and Granny is a great character with her big bloomers.

All in all, an entertaining, well-written and beautifully illustrated book that deserves to be a bed-time favourite. Read more

Madhouse Family Reviews:

5/5 – Some books automatically make you put on a silly voice when you read them to the kids. The Fearsome Beastie is one of them ! I don’t know if it’s because it’s all written in rhyme or because of the great expressions on the characters’ faces in the illustrations but I couldn’t help putting on scary voices that had the kids squealing with laughter. Read more


The Fearsome Beastie is a fun picture book. It brings to mind fairy tales and other familiar stories, where monsters are after children…The writing is clear and direct, with appropriate vocabulary for those either side of being able to read for themselves. The rhythm of the couplets is strong throughout, allowing a skilled adult reader to really sell the drama of the story.  Read more


Peace, Love and Reviews

5/5 – The story is written in rhyme that makes my son so happy, it is illustrated by Gabriele Antonini. My son described his work on this book as “cute”, “fun” and “colorful”. When we finished reading the book, his first words were; “That was weird and I think it would be kind of scary for younger kids but I love how the grandma with the axe saved the day”. We both enjoyed the book, the story, the facial expression drawn on the children’s face and how the monster looks like.


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