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‘An extraordinary story coupled with wonderful and witty illustrations. You’ll be giggling and wincing in turn’ Madge Eekal reviews Buttercup Sunshine!

We’ve just spotted a fab review for forthcoming junior fiction title Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of Dooooom by Colin Mulhern on Madge Eekal Reviews:

It’s an incredibly fun story and I’m confident children will thoroughly enjoy reading how it all started while Buttercup was investigating the crime of the mission thimble which she – no I mean the “mysterious thief” – had hidden in the garden. Young readers will also love her partner, Barry the toad, and the way Buttercup is able to translate his croaks into important communications (not to mention an American accent).

I spent these chapters chuckling merrily. However, I also couldn’t help reflecting on the impressive skill with which the story flips back and forth from Buttercup’s account of her adventures to the room with Granny and Buttercup drinking tea. This approach really adds to the drama and, amazingly, there isn’t a milli-second’s confusion. Colin – please tell me how you do this!

I can’t not mention the wonderful and witty illustrations. They are all outstanding. I loved the variable expressions in the pictures of Buttercup Sunshine but suspect that at least some of the child readers will prefer the hilarious pictures of the zombies and their grasping hands.’

Thank you!

This first title in the new Comedy Horror for Kids series is published on the 28th September. Read the full review here and pre-order here