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Amazon Reviews for the Fearsome Beastie

We love reading the Amazon reviews for our books, as we know most of these come direct from people who have bought the book.

We especially love the reviews when they are like the following one for the Fearsome Beastie:

“It’s been a while since I read such an engaging kid’s picture book. It came to my attention as a nomination for The People’s Book Prize. Giles Paley-Phillips put a modern twist on the old Red Riding Hood tale and throws in a bit of stranger danger, something we want to teach our kids: caution. The Fearsome Beastie is an engaging story from the very first line–the story is written in a pleasing rhyme meter, iambic pentameter, I think, a la Dr. Seuss. The illustrations are gorgeous and will hold the interest of the child reader, as well as an adult. The monster is well-drawn and reminiscent of several scary images from my childhood; it’s a cross between several monsters in my 60s pop culture upbringing. Though the story is very suspenseful, it is, after all, a kid’s story, so the happy ending is satisfying and delightful, with Grandma as the heroine. The book is beautiful and brilliant. Recommended! Five stars!”

— Eve Paludan