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‘Amazingly presented and got rave reviews from my class’ Addicted to Books road-tests some new non-fiction Early Readers!

Teacher Mrs Wylie on the Book Addict site has road-tested our new non-fiction Early Readers with her class and posted some glowing reviews:

Woah! What’s the Weather?

This book for young readers is full of fun facts and information about weather of all kinds. The information is presented in a very child-friendly way with beautiful, full colour pictures. It is presented from the point of view of aliens Finn and Zeek, as a guide to fellow aliens who might need to prepare for visiting earth, which makes it unique and enjoyable for children. There is a detailed glossary and discussion questions at the end. Perfect for Guided Reading and group discussion.’

Dress to Impress

Again, the bright, colourful pictures add so much to the information that is being presented, leaving no doubt as to what is being discussed. It is a clear discussion of the many wonderful ways that people dress around the world. Perfect for helping children learn about other cultures and people from around the world.’

Wild and Wacky Animals

This was my favourite of the new non-fiction books that I read. The excellent descriptions and amazing pictures really made the animals jump off the page and come to life. It highlights some of the more unusual animals on the planet, such as the Axolotl and Hoatzin Bird. Packed with loads of interesting facts, this book is sure to capture the attention of every reader.’

All of these books were amazingly presented and got rave reviews from my class. We particularly liked the way they were written as alien guides. We thought this was really interesting. The boldly coloured pictures were great as well.’

Thank you! Read the whole review including comments from the students here. To find out more about the books and to order click on the titles above!