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“Adapting picture books that are already well-loved into early readers.”

One of our favourite Maverick reviewers has reviewed our brand new Early Readers. Mary, who writes at Over 40 and a Mum to One, has given our Early Readers an amazing review. She has also aptly published it the day that her son starts his first day of Year One. Apparently he wasn’t too thrilled to say goodbye to summer! Mary explains the difference between each of the three book bands which we’ve used and at what stage a child would progress through the bands. She also provides links to her reviews for the picture book versions of each book. Here’s a snippet of her excellent review.

Early Readers Collage Image

“[Monkey] loves books as do I, but has always been far keener for me to read to him, than to read for himself. We’ve had a very clear distinction between books he brings home from school that he ‘has’ to read, and every other book in the world which Mummy ‘must’ read to him.  I’m hoping that may change as Maverick Arts Publishing launch an Early Readers range.  The first five books published in the series are based on some of his favourite picture books.

I love the idea of adapting picture books that are already well-loved, into early readers.  It’s a great way of encouraging children, especially those more reluctant self readers to try. Priced at £5.99 each I can thoroughly recommend for anyone joining the road to reading journey.”

Our aim when creating these early readers was to help with literacy. We know that reading is a real challenge for children and while some may like being read to, they aren’t keen to read for themselves. We hoped that by adapting some of our well-loved stories that we could overcome this problem and encourage children to read the stories they love independently. We hope that our Early Readers help Monkey and that he will grow to be a confident and voracious reader, like his mother! Thanks for the in-depth and positive review! Read the full review here.

Buy your own copies of the our early readers by clicking the links below.

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