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“A wonderfully original picture book.” Review for Aerodynamics of Biscuits

Emma at Bookcorner has reviewed Aerodynamics of Biscuits by Clare Helen Welsh and Sophia Touliatou and given it a lovely review.


“Clare’s writing is fun and fast paced. There are some great details and twists. The narrative is filled with wonderful phrases such as ‘guzzling and gulping,’ ‘toe chewing troll’and ‘goat guzzling giant’ which are wonderful fun to read out loud.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits RGB JPEG SP1

Sophia’s illustrations are full of details, with plenty to observe on each page. I love her double page spread showing Oliver in the midst of building the biscuit rocket.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits is a wonderfully original picture book, with plenty of giggles and fun.”

Read the full review here.

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