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“A wonderful addition to any classroom” – review for Maverick early readers

Laura, who blogs at The Butterfly Mother has written a lovely review for our new set of Maverick early readers. She called them, “a wonderful addition to any classroom as their humorous content will really engage the children.” And she had lots of lovely things to say about each of the stories as well!

Grumpy King Colin

King Colin ER LR RGB Cover

“A fabulous message to any unruly toddler or preschooler in my opinion! Caterpillar really finds King Colin’s antics funny and we’ve had a good laugh with this one.”

Buy Grumpy King Colin here.

A Gold Star for George

Gold Star ER LR RGB Cover

“Firstly, that winning isn’t everything and secondly, that having friends who appreciate you is much more important than being the best at something.  These are great lessons for children, especially those who have just entered the school environment where they are becoming aware of being compared to other children for perhaps the first time.”

Buy A Gold Star for George here.

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn

Unicorn ER LR RGB Cover

“This is another great book about friendship and also a great way to teach children to become comfortable with who they are.”

Buy I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn here.

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

Pirates ER LR RGB Cover

“Two extremely popular topics for children’s books – pirates and construction – are combined here in a really unique and fun way.  And again, another fab message about how children don’t want to be pigeon-holed.”

Buy Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers here.

The Four Little Pigs

Four Little Pigs ER LR RGB Cover

“I seem to have come across a lot of books lately which are a modern twist on a classic fairy tales but this is one of my favourites. Plus there are a couple of great twists that give the traditional content a really fresh look.”

Buy The Four Little Pigs here.