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‘A wacky and weird story told through postcards, letters and newspaper cuttings.’ – Teachers on Pluto review by Madge Eekal

We have had a lovely review from Madge Eekal about our new Junior Fiction book Teachers on Pluto by Lou Treleaven. We are excited to continue the Penpals on Pluto series with this third book:

‘As the third in a series of books, I did wonder whether the fact I hadn’t read either of the first two was going to spoil my enjoyment. Fortunately, while it would’ve been nice to know more about the backstory of the book’s various characters, Teachers on Pluto does stand alone.

This isn’t a traditional story broken into distinct chapters. Instead it tells the story through a range of different documents including newspaper cuttings, letters between our main character Jon on Pluto and his parents on Earth, postcards between Jon and his Gran, various posters and leaflets with public announcements, and even the internal report from a robot.

This unusual format works remarkable well and I was particularly impressed that the overarching narrative remains easy to follow. The format also provides lots of opportunities for humour and I especially chuckled at the postcard exchanges between Jon and his Gran. (She’s entered the ‘Saturn Ring Race’ and we’re treated to updates on her progress through the qualifiers to the finals as well as some wonderful asides of what she has planned for the moment she’s sent off the postcard, including abseiling, caving and sky diving).

The format also provides lots of opportunities for fun illustrations, including Jon’s doodles on his letters, and a whole range of fonts. No two pages are the same and I’m confident this variety will help keep the interest of younger readers.’

You can read the full review here.

Thank you for your kind review Madge.

You can read all three of the books in our Penpals to Pluto series: Letter to Pluto, Homework on Pluto and Teachers on Pluto by placing an order on Hive.