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‘A lovely message and a great read’ – Review by Book Murmuration about Shampooch

Thank you to Book Murmuration for the great review about Shampooch, a new picture book by Heather Pindar and Susan Batori.

‘Shampooch is the cleanest, prettiest, most pampered dog in the park. She declines all invites to roll in the mud and riffle through bins because she’s got an image to maintain. Then Sampooch chases after some beautiful kites and all chaos ensues.

A light-hearted and witty story about the price of maintaining a perfect image.

With young people under increasing pressure to maintain an image online, it is important that children learn from an early age not to prioritise appearance over living. Shampooch misses out on friendship and fun because she is so concerned about her fur and her hair. When she is sucked into the doggy fray, she finds it liberating.

There are extra laughs in the illustrations, especially in the contrast between aristocratic-looking Shampooch and the smelly dustbins and muddy puddles around her. We just know at some point that the two are going to meet and this keeps the reader waiting. The joke is obvious but we have to know how and when it will happen.

Maverick Arts Publishing always produces books which are friendly to the youngest picture book readers. Their books appear to be produced with a strong knowledge of what amuses and captivates children.

Move over Aristocats – Shampooch is here and she’s throwing off her collar. A lovely message and a great read.’

You can read the full review and many more.

Heather Pindar has also written other titles for Maverick, including Froggy Day, Beware the Mighty Bitey and Wishker.  All these titles and many more can be purchased here.