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‘A lovely book to encourage wordplay and art’ Book Murmuration review of Froggy Day!

Louise at Book Murmuration has posted a cracking review for new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustration by Barbara Bakos:

Both text and illustration will bring young readers to laughter. The one joke runs through the text and the big question as you turn the page is where will the frogs get next? This anticipation leads to increased amusement when the question is answered. 

This would be a lovely book to encourage wordplay and art. After reading, it would be lovely for children to make their own maps of unusual (imaginative) weather. 

A humorous book which will appeal to young readers. Prepare to be bombarded with plays on words.’

Thanks, Louise, and hope you have a very bunny day!

Read the whole review here and buy a copy here.