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‘A great series’ The Butterfly Mother reviews Maverick’s Early Readers!

The Butterfly Mother and young aspiring reader 4 year old Caterpillar enthusiastically trialled our lower-banded Early Readers recently. At the end of August we will have a full 40 titles across 8 colour bands!


About the two pink banded books Laura said: ‘High frequency words are also listed at the beginning, along with helpful illustrations to demonstrate.  The simple story then follows, with one line per page accompanying a lovely illustration and sometimes speech bubbles too.  Even though my son is nowhere near reading yet he has shown an interest in words and often asks what things say etc so this was a new type of reading experience for us where by I pointed to each word as I read it to help familiarise him.’

About the red banded books: ‘Obviously very short and simple, the stories still had a very clear plot and are fun and humorous.  The repetition is really useful too.’

About the yellow banded books: ‘Again, the stories are really cute.  In Izzy! Wizzy!, Izzy is a wannabe magician who wishes for lots of items which don’t come quite true, it’s only when she uses “please” with her wish does she get what she wants (a lesson I’m still trying to drum into my son). I love the realistic storyline of Can I Have My Ball Back? and the surprise invention at the end.   The quizzes at the end are a great touch – my son loves doing them.’

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